Producing high quality printed images on virtually any substrate is great, but it’s not enough. At Vision Screenprinting and Graphics we also have the capabilites to finish your product at the highest quality. It does not matter if your project requires sewing, cutting, hole-punching, grommeting, laminating or anything else.

Zund G3 L-2500 Digital Cutter
• 70” x 98” cutting area
• Capable of cutting, scoring, creasing & routing

Zund S3 L-1600Digital Cutter
• 70” x 64”
• Capable of cutting, scoring & creasing
• Can handle substrates up to 0.9” thick

Seal 62 Base Laminator
• 61” working width
• Operating speed of 16.4’ per minute
• Can laminate up to 2” thick substrates

51” Seybold Guillotine Cutter
30” Challenge Guillotine Cutter
98” &144” Keencut Hand Cutters
24” Metal Shear & Punch
Pierce Backslitter
Edward Segal Automatic Grommet Machine
Multiple Sewing Machines (including overlock, chainstitch, single & double needle)
Heat Bending
Wire Binding